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A week in the life of Sian Doherty

Hi I’m Sian Doherty, Customer Services Manager at Arc Monitoring. I’m new to this blogging life but today I wanted to bring you a week in my life as I recently spent a week travelling around to Security events and taking part in vital company meetings.



My week starts on a Sunday evening, (which reminds me of my school days, rushing to get homework completed with the theme tune of Antiques Roadshow) as I am reading in preparation for my first essay. I am currently working towards my Security Management diploma through the Security Institute, delivered through PerpetuityARC Training. The first module details the stages of growth within the Security Industry in line with advances in technology, a theme I will see again and again over this week. Ideal!



It’s an early start, I’m in the office at 7:30am. This gives me an opportunity to check in with the weekend night team who started their shift at 8pm the previous evening. I then start preparations for our monthly Team Leader meeting at 8am. Team Leader meetings are a great opportunity to meet and discuss concerns, developments, industry updates and staff welfare. After the meeting, I am briefed ready for a prospective customer visit later that morning. My role being to conduct a tour of our secure facility, highlighting the features of a BS5979 NSI Gold ARC. Later that afternoon Jonathan Sturley, Wayne Dietrich and Jo Hastings complete a review of the previous year’s industry events and start planning the year ahead. Including the potential idea of a summer party, following the success of our 20 years celebration in October, plus much more… watch this space! After catching up with my emails and the team, I pack up my desk ready to drive to London for three days of events.



Standing sardine style on the tube, I am reminded why I love living in Bristol! Having said that I am excited for the event ahead. The Security Industry Authority are hosting their National Conference at the Oval cricket ground. The first talk really sets the pace of the day ‘the transformation of the security industry’ with further talks by the SIA’s Steve McCormick and Ian Todd. The workshop activities prove to be a great exercise at getting people talking not just about the SIA, but the wider security industry. I think it’s important that ARCS are represented at these events, and it was great to meet some new faces within the industry whilst catching up with colleagues.




Day two of my London adventure takes me to the impressive IFSEC HQ building in Blackfriars. After shooting up the lift to the 19th floor, the CSL Industry Forum begins. Simon Banks reminds me again of the potential benefits and disruption to the monitoring industry from advances in technology. Chris Hanks, NSI chairman presents the view of insurers within the industry, it seems clear to me that we rely on the insurers to promote accredited security companies amongst the public, to ensure standards improve. Following a great networking lunch, the afternoon gave way to a big update on the progress of ECHO and the requirement for ARCs to start using electronic call handling to Police control rooms. It becomes apparent that whilst there is still some detail to determine, we must, as an industry, ensure we move forward with advances in technology to make our services more efficient.




My last day in London took me to the first Calipsa Masterclass on the Evolution of the Security Industry. The event was really well run and brought together a number of people from within the industry, including a number of ARC managers. During the workshop session discussing employee welfare, we joked that the session was acting as an Arc Manager Support group. We share similar issues and challenges. It was great to hear from Michael Askew of Monitor Computer Systems and Chris Carter Brennan. After an orange juice at the networking drinks, I then set off back to Bristol.



Back in Bristol, it’s another early start back in the office. I complete a Career Development review with one of our operators who has reached the end of their probation period. (We complete regular reviews at 3, 6 and 12 month stages). Once completed, I caught up with the one hundred or so  emails received over the past 3 days. I also start to gather my thoughts on the security industry and the massive impact of the technology on our industry.

This week has certainly left me with lots of food for thought.


Written by Sian Doherty

November 19

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