Car dealerships

Car dealerships have long turned to Arc Monitoring to keep a watchful eye over their forecourts and vehicle compounds. Holding valuable assets, either their own cars on display or customer vehicles undergoing repair, they are a target for criminals and vandalism. The result of which can lead to distress and disappointment of customers along with hefty increases in insurance premiums. Recently car dealerships have been attacked by thieves seeking valuable catalytic convertors from new cars parked on their forecourts.

The open nature of car dealership’s forecourts means that a high volume of alarms can be generated both from legitimate visitors to the site as well as criminals. As a result, a lot of other Remote Video Response Centres are unwilling to accept this type of premises for monitoring.

Fortunately, Arc Monitoring has tried and tested experience in this sector and works with integrators across the UK to protect these sites out of hours. Our highly trained SIA-licenced operators give live audio announcements via onsite PA speakers to advise people that they are being monitored. The message is tailored accordingly by the operator to take into account the time of day and the perceived threat. Arc Monitoring has worked with a number of integrators who have installed video analytics onto car dealerships which assist with reducing false alarms by employing algorithms that transmit alarms only when individuals loiter for a predetermined period of time at a single location.

We also undertake the monitoring of intruder and fire alarms for showrooms where an Operator can deploy the Police, Fire Brigade or a Key Holding & Alarm Response Operative should a confirmed activation be received.