Wow - unbelievable service as always but especially throughout this transfer of lines process.

I cant thank all that have assisted enough - Really appreciate this, we aren't your biggest customer but feel that the level of service and support you've provided really make us feel like we are!

Installer, based in Wales

I have been working with an alarm receiving centre for several years who have been acceptable... I have recently moved to Arc Monitoring.

Wow what a difference!

The team Arc - superb!

in 24 hours, I have had more useful information from Arc than in 10 years with another large ARC provider.

I would not hesitate in recommending the Arc Monitoring team. They are good value and easy to work with - I wish I found them sooner!

Installer, based in Essex

“I always try and recommend the best company and someone that we have an ongoing working relationship with, if we can’t provide the service ourselves. In my view you are the best CCTV Monitoring company that I have ever dealt with, so it was a no brainer!”

Installer, based in the Midlands

I just wanted to say thank you for your efficiency on Sunday 10th march just before midnight when you interrupted two individuals who were clearly at our monitored site to break in. Very much appreciated! 

Service Manager

I can honestly say that the whole team at Arc Monitoring are superstars!

Every contact made to yourselves whether its from our office or engineers has been a dream. Your efficient, friendly and above all you deliver on service! You make our jobs a lot easier.

Installer, based in Wales

"Spoke to Mrs O, she was extremely grateful for us contacting her on Saturday evening. Her neighbours were broken into that night so we saved her house from being targeted. She wanted to pass on her thanks to the team for their hard work.“

End User says Thank You

"I always get a good response from all at Arc which makes my job a lot easier.“

Integrator, based in West Yorkshire

"I've never before worked with a central station with employees as clued up on what they are working with, than Arc Monitoring.“

Installer, based in the East

“I have done walk tests with Chris. I would like to give to him positive feedback. He is very experienced and helpful person.”

Installer, based in North England

“Your actions undoubtedly have thwarted this and further attempts. Well done, great work and a very happy New Year.“

Installer, based on the South Coast

"The transition yesterday went very smoothly and all my engineers commented on how helpful and knowledgeable your staff were.“

Construction site in North West England

"Just spoken with PH, MD of (end user) WFM who said service received from Arc Monitoring has been "outstanding" and "excellent"

Installer, based in Wales

“Our customers are delighted with the system. The combination of what we've provided them and your monitoring is extremely effective, so many thanks to you and your team for your assistance in setting it up.“

Property Management Company

"Thank you for your help, very professional, please thank the operator(s) for their patience and help.“

Installer, based in Wales

“I would like to thank you for all members of your team’s continued support in getting our site live and monitored.“

Installer, based in the South West